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A guide during a virtual live tour of Berlin

Virtual guided tour of Berlin – live interactive experience

Virtual guided tour of Berlin – live interactive experience

A guide during a virtual live tour of Berlin

Berlin was the center of the major historical events of the 20th century: now you can discover it through our virtual guided live tours.

Also suitable for students of German language from A2 level and above!

The year 2020 brought a number of restrictions that have changed the way we live, including travel abroad and, of course, the experience of guided tours. The expected school trip for many high schools and colleges has been put on hold for the time being.
However, life goes on. 

Therefore, and at the request of several teachers and travel partners, we at ViveBerlin Tours have developed live virtual interactive tours of Berlina stimulating educational tool that we currently propose as an alternative to the school trip or as an enriching complement to classroom teaching.

These online tours are designed to be transmitted absolutely live, interactive and educationally oriented, also for students of German from A2 level and above!

In this way, students can get to know the historical, cultural and pedagogical richness of Berlin without having to travel to the German capital.

What is a Virtual live tour of Berlin?

As is often the case, new ideas are born out of crises. Thanks to wireless microphones, video stabilizers, high-speed networks and streaming portals, we at ViveBerlin Tours can continue to show you the fascinating and tragic history of Berlin through our virtual experience.

The key concept here is interactivity and a virtual real live experience. One of our guides is your host in a real-time connection to the heart of Berlin. He will show you all the richness and details of the city while answering all your questions liveExactly the same way as you would do in a face-to-face guided tour!

This is an innovative way to get to know Berlin first hand with our professional guides, from the comfort of your classroom or home, with the same standards of quality and professionalism of our well-known guided tours in Berlin, esp. for school groups.

Why join a Live virtual interactive tours in Berlin?

Our interactive virtual guided tours offer you an alternative way to recapture an important part of your study trip to Berlin and to dig deeper into history by walking through the streets where the history of the 20th century was written.

Another interesting opportunity for teachers is to use the online guided live tour as a support and complement for a history or German class. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable lesson.

Our guides are pedagogically trained to make the different historical contents accessible to school children with different needs.

In addition, teachers and students can take advantage of the didactic material we provide before the visit to further immerse the students in the subject.

Below, as an example you can watch a trailer of the live virtual interactive tours of the Berlin Wall Memorial. 

What is the duration of an Interactive virtual experience?

Our live virtual interactive tours of Berlin have an approximate duration of 50 minutes, which corresponds to one hour of class time. This is divided between the guided tour time and the time for questions.

Of course, upon request we also can organize longer tours or even a tailor-made tour on very specific topics!

How much does a Virtual live tour of Berlin cost?

The price starts from 4 € + VAT per student. We can simultaneously broadcast on up to 90 devices via Zoom or connect directly to the platform used by the class.

What technology do I need to connect to a Virtual live tour?

Just a stable internet connection and the Zoom application.

How can I book an Interactive virtual experience?

Very simple! You can request a tour online using the contact form indicating your preferences about the type of tour and the day you want to take it. We always respond within the day.

Our current selection of Virtual guided live tours in Berlin

We offer you a wide range of thematic tours so you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your class or subject. Or we can simply organize a tailor-made tour on very specific topics with the duration that suits best for you!

– The Berlin Essentials

We will read the 20th century through the main monuments and symbolic buildings of the city center. We will follow “the scar” that still shows the path of the Berlin Wall and talk about the founding of Germany, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi dictatorship, the Second World War and the division of Berlin during the Cold War years.

Places visited: Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz, Unter den Linden, Reichstag, Tiergarten, Berlin Wall scar, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe …

– The Third Reich

The 12 years of Adolf Hitler’s regime left a deep mark on Europe. In this online tour of Berlin, we will see the history of the Nazi dictatorship, including the site of the main headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS, and we will talk about the historical memory of the German people.

Places visited: Hitler’s bunker site, former Ministry of Aviation, Georg Elser Memorial, Topography of Terror …

– The Cold War and the Berlin Wall

In this online tour of Berlin we will talk about the daily life of the people who lived in the shadow of the Wall and what the existence and the end of the GDR meant for East Berliners. We will show you the Wall, review its evolution during 28 years, talk about cold war, espionage, escapes, and remember the victims.

Places visited: Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse …

– Urban Art

The walls of the city become a canvas on which to paint and the streets are transformed into an art gallery. In this online guided live tour through Berlin we will discover the city through different works of urban artists, perfecting the artistic perception of the students to understand and recognize urban art in its different forms.

Places visited: Dircksenstrasse, Haus Schwarzenberg courtyard, Hackescher Markt …

Discovering Berlin with our online guided live tours is just another brilliant way to remain a citizen of the world -stay safe!

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